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  • VJ

  • 新媒體藝術家(New Media Artist

  • 音像藝術表演者(Audio Visual Performer)

  • 星空間(Hsin'Space)- Director

  • 所以然來數位創意有限公司 - 創意總監


鄧 雯 馨 Teng Wen-hsin 



     鄧雯馨目前讀於國立臺灣師範大學美術系博士班。身兼新媒體藝術家、數位藝術表演者、VJ、逆風少女(ATW Girl)主唱等多重身份。2017年起,以個人音樂與影像實驗,音像藝術(audio visual performance)創作。

     所擅長的創作媒材為數位聲響、電子合成音樂、錄像及錄像裝置,嘗試運用音樂與視覺實驗詮釋科技與生命。2016年其導演及聲音設計作品「火炬下的囚犯」(Prisoners under the torch),獲第七屆數位藝術表演獎首獎。2014年起發展〈Floating〉系列錄像作品,曾於2014第二十七屆法國馬賽錄像藝術節、2016第七屆西班牙馬德里現代數位科技影音藝術節、2016年滲透影音等藝術節中展出。以聲音、影像結合身體之臨場藝術表現,演出及參展經歷遍佈於台灣、法國、中國、土耳其、俄羅斯、英國等各音樂節、藝術節及藝術博覽會。創作關注科技與人的關係,所產生的焦慮之精神狀態,並試圖以身體,探討靈魂及數位抽象自我的呈現。

Teng Wen-hsin

(aka Hi-HsinHsin*) lives and works in Taiwan, OR as a musician, new media artist, and digital hustler.

     Teng, Wen-Hsin holds an MFA from the Graduate School of New Media Art, National Taiwan University of Arts. Founder of the cross-disciplinary new media group Nomad Planet, Teng embraces multiple identities, including new media artist, digital art performer, VJ, electronic bassist of the band lead vocalist of ATW Girl and DVJ of YUGU.


     Teng specializes in digital noise, electronic synthesis, video, and video installation, and seeks to illuminate technology and life with aural and visual experiments. Won the first prize of The 7th Digital Art Performance Awards with “Prisoners under the torch” in 2016, as director and sound design. Her video series “Floating” (2014) has been screened at the 27th Festival Les Instants Video, Marseille, France (2014), Sample Digital Audiovisual Arts and Technology Acontemporáneas (MADATAC) 07, Madrid, Spain (2016), and OSMOSIS Audiovisual Media Festival, Taipei/Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2016). Teng performs and participates in music/art festivals and art fairs by combining sound, images, and performances. Her work attends to the anxiety between humans and technology and attempts to explore the soul and digitized-abstraction of the self through the body.


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