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鄧雯馨〈Floating  V〉





〈Floating〉表意為漂、漂浮的,以水中夢遊為發想,探討人們在科技爆炸下,擁有便利性高的科技產品,亦是受各種電器產品所產生的電磁輻射及通訊設備無形穿梭的傳遞訊號等干擾睡眠。 本作品為〈Floating〉系列作品,以水中夢遊為延伸,拍攝創作者本人的妹妹。藉由少女的中水漂浮、泡澡、水中換氣等行為,反映少女的心思與細膩。

TENG WEN HSIN〈Floating  V〉


Color, Sound, Single Channel Video, 4'48"


Inspired by float in water dreams, tries to discuss the issues that in this highly technical era, while people enjoy the convenience that technology provide, their sleep quality are disrupted by the electromagnetic radiation those electronic products produce as well. Through the video sequences of sleeping and floating in water, the artist attempts to set a fantastic and zero-gravity state tone, to illustrate the remaining spirits and souls that human beings have once they are freed from gravity.

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