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靈感來源G. Ligeti主題模仿曲第一首,以音樂錄像作品方式創作。故事描寫樹妖在森林中的奇遇,搭配音樂中音符的快慢改變,將森林中的幻象增減,轉換為樹妖的情緒律動。




Teng Wen-hsin

Monster Tree (2014)

Cut out animation,2'43"



Cut out animation: Teng Wen-hsin

Music: Musica ricercata by G. Ligeti


The source of inspiration G. Ligeti theme song Musica ricercata, music video works creative way. Dryad story describes the adventures in the forest, with the speed of change in the

music notes, will increase or decrease in the forest illusion, converted to Dryad emotional rhythm.


He is a lovely monster.

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