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Teng Wen Hsin

On what sphere do you subsist ? (2013)

video installion

Acrylic, Computer, Projectors, Stereo System


     The mystical and marvelous wonder of the Universe is far beyond our imagination. It’s hard to tell whether people like us, lively living in this moment and this place, coexist in unseen parallel universes. And suppose we are present in the now, how can we at the same time evaporate and merge into the Universe? It could be like a small dust, but with sensibilities, and continuously diffusing with energies that were born with. It’s all because we are here, and exist.



     This exhibit quests the possibilities of "New World, Ten-dimension space and New Universal view". By using the drop-shaped crystal ball installation work, we probe the distinction of repetition and philosophy claim of replacing a "could be" imagining world with a simulated shadowland. Beads of water reveal glittered glamorous illusions, just like a series of tiny worlds, with each of them indistinctly contains an insular miniature space. Somehow they are substantively exist, beyond the three dimensional space we live, and exalted to the height of “eyes of God”, furtively glancing at our world.

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